2016 Race

Drone footage

by Mark Lally, edited by Alistair MacDonald

2014 Race

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Steve Bateson – RunningPix

Ian Watson at Black Moss

Darren Roberts at the finish

Photos Along the Route

David Preston
Butterley Spillway
David Preston
Butterley Reservoir
David Preston
Butterley Reservoir and Marsden
Blakeley Reservoir spillway
Blakeley Reservoir dam wall
Approaching Blakeley Reservoir
Blakeley Res with Butterley behind
Path along the side of Blakeley Res
Blakeley Reservoir
Start of the climb from Blakely Clough
Blakely Clough footbridge
Looking back down to the footbridge
Blakely Clough ford at the end of the contour track
Climb out of Blakely Clough
Blakely Clough ford
Paving leading to Black Moss Reservoir
Black Moss bridge
Black Moss dam wall
Swellands Reservoir
Leading away from Black Moss reservoir
Pule Hill
Descending towards Redbrook Reservoir
Pule Hill
Looking back at the paving descent from Black Moss
Sign at the right turn onto the Standedge Trail
Bottom of the Black Moss descent
Crossing Redbrook Clough
From Warcock Hill towards the finish
The climb up to Mount Road
Short ascent from Carr Clough
Footbridge over Carr Clough below Mount Rd
Old Mount Road
Left turn onto Hades Farm track
Final track leading to the finish
Marsden Cricket Club from the final track
Fiona on the final track
Surveying the finish area
Gate leading away from the finish

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